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Dancing with Spirits 
By Donald Womack

By Thomas Osborne

Haegeum meets Hip Hop
with Shodekeh

Ghost School 2020

By James Moore

Emphyrio Salpuri 2018
With Simon Barker, Henry Kaiser,
Bill Laswell, Rudresh Mahanthappa

Four 6 by John Cage

With Fred Frith, William Winant,

and Joan Jeanrenaud

2017 Mills College Art Museum

Light is Calling 2020

By Michael Gordon

Haegeum Latius 2017
By Mint Park (score)

Megasonic Chapel 2015

With Tania Chen, Danielle DeGruttola, Henry Kaiser, and William Winant


By Jeeyoung Kim

Woven Silk 2017
By Jean Ahn
Sori 2014
By Donald Reid Womack
(with Korean string ensemble)
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