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Review: "국악원 사표 후 현대음악 도전한 해금연주자…카네기홀서 '갈채'"

Yonhap News, January 31, 2023


Review: "I Hope you Enjoy It: Bang on a Can's Inaugural LOUD Weekend"

San Francisco Classical Voice, August 12, 2019


Review: "An Energetic New-Music Marathon"

Wall Street Journal, August 9, 2019


Review: "Bang on a Can turns up the volume with LOUD Weekend at Mass MoCA"

Boston Globe, August 3, 2019


Interview: Tradcafe Podcast, with Neil Pearlman

October 10, 2018

Review: "Kronos Quartet and Haegeum Player Soo Yeon Lyuh"

Gaeksuk Magazine

월간 객석 "크로노스 콰르텟과 해금 연주자 여수연"

Review of performance at 92nd Y, New York City, June 28, 2018

August 6, 2018

Review: "The Best Stage"

Korean Daily San Francisco

미주 중앙일보 SF "해금과 현악 4중주단의 협연은 음악회 중 단연 최고였다"

September 28, 2017

Press Release: Asian Cultural Council Fellowship,

awarded May 26, 2017


Interview: "Haegeum player, A New Experiment in Progress"

Gaeksuk Magazine 

월간 객석 "해금 연주자 여수연, 그녀는 실험보고서 작성 중"

April 1, 2017

English Translated Article

News Article: "Haegeum Unleashed"

Korea Daily New York

미주 중앙일보 NY '해금을 허하라"

March 23, 2017

Press Release: Yessori, Kronos Festival: Here & Now

February 2-4 2017

(commissioned through the Kronos' Fifty for the Future program)

Interview: "The Haegeum Touch"

Thingamajigs Website

January 30 2017

News Article: "Haegeum meets string quartet"

Korea Daily San Francisco 

미주 중앙일보 SF "해금과 현악 4중주의 만남"

January 29, 2017


Review: "Kronos Keeps it Fresh"

San Francisco Classical Voice 

February 7, 2017

Interview: "Introducing the unique Haegeum to the World"

The Music Education News

음악교육신문: "세계 어디에서도 찾아보기 힘든 특별한 악기, 해금을 알리다"

March 16, 2012

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