Soo Yeon Lyuh Portfolio 2021

String Walkers   (2021)   score   

Seoul National University Haegeum Ensemble

Performance scheduled in March 2021

*The first rehearsal (attached here) was recorded in February for reference, using my student's low quality device according to the current Korean social distancing guideline.

Dudŭrim   (2019)   score

Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival

Yessori   (2017)   score

Kronos Quartet

Sagye   (2019-2021)

Pacific Boychoir Academy

*Performance postponed

  until further notice due to pandemic

I. Bomsori (score)

II. Yeoreum Bada (score)

III. Ga-eul Chusoo (score)

IV. Gyuh-ul Nun (IP*)

Harmonies of the Season - Pacific Boycho
Sagye - I. Bomsori
00:00 / 02:46